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Brian's SubZero Pro 3 Senior Leg Pads

The Brian's SubZero Pro 3 leg pad continues on Brian's path of innovation that they've devoted their SubZero series to. Building off a successfully designed SubZero Pro 2, the Canadian-made pad features new E-Foam internals to decrease the overall weight weight of the pad. The most notable change, however, may be the new ultra-thin profile thigh rise to further decrease weight, as well as contact between the pads while maneuvering in the crease. 

Aside from weight reduction, Brian's put a large focus on the pad's on-ice seal. The SubZero Pro 3 features a 90 degree boot so there are no gaps across the entire length of the butterfly, and has an inset calf wing and knee block to give an anchoring effect in the butterfly. 

The knee cradle and boot are lined with Brian's Primo high abrasion synthetic leather, to reduce wear over time. Furthermore, the leg channel is now lined entirely with Brian's Hex-Air material, to increase air flow and keep the goaltender cool. Finally, the SubZero Pro 3 has a more aesthetically pleasing look with a lace-less pad face design.

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