Brian`s G-NETIK 3 PRO Stockhand Senior

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Brian?s Custom Sports continues their lead in innovation, technology and comfort in their new G-Netik Pro 3 Goalie Glove. With the newly redesigned palm, this blocker is designed to give the best balance and feel while giving the best rebound control for active butterfly goalies.

Beginning with the internal board, Brian?s has continued their use of EFoam to allow for a super lightweight design while keeping the board balanced on the hand. On the backhand, the palm now features a unique style attachment point through the wrap around finger protection which allows the goalie to adjust the tension on their finger guards. The index finger has been wrapped in HD foams to provide more protection for any pucks that try to sneak through.

The continued success of the SBA no-slip grip is found in the double layer palm and the use of X-Static material inside of the finger stalls is to reduce bacteria growth and hockey smell over time. The wrist cuff is wide open to give the goalie complete freedom of movement in save selections and now features Brian?s new Air-Mesh material which reduces weight.

If you are a competitive goalie looking for the best quality, innovation and comfort Brian?s Custom Sports offers, look no further than the Brian?s G-Netik3 Pro Goalie Blocker.


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